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Professional Permanent Nail Art Course

professional permanent nail art course


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Subject: Nails

Duration: 45 Hours

Certification: Certified Master of Nail Artistry

This course is recommended for those who already work as Nail technicians. This course including theory and practical along with a Professional Kit.Nail art Theory, Basic Nail art, 2D Nail Art, Gel polish application on natural nails, Gel polish application on Extensions, French Nail art (Single line- curved & Straight), French Nail art (Multiple line- curved & Straight), Reverse French Nail art, Ombre Nail art, Cats eye Nail art, Glitter, Miller Nail art (French, reverse French), Glitter, Miller Nail art (Scatter), Stamping, Foil, Strip, Chrome application, 3D Nail art, 4D Nail art, Stone Setting

Nail Art Portfolio.

Eligibility to Apply: Minimum +8 (Should have knowledge on writing and reading).

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